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Finished Update

2017-04-10 18:22:13 by V-Team


THANK YOU FOR 5000 views in one week!

Also, I updated the game to the new engine, it should handle smoother the larger size of people coming in.

Let the Odin, Chickens and Non-Alcoholic Beverages be with you!


Integrated Newgrounds Autologin in Vikings Village Party Hard

2017-04-07 18:52:40 by V-Team


We're so happy to be here on Newgrounds thanks for all the attention and support!

Back to the topicĀ 

- Fixed integration with facebook in Vikings Village Newgrounds version

- Added integration with Newgrounds autologin API

Which means that your highscore will be SAVED if you are logged in in any way (ng or fb)


Fixed Facebook Login

2017-04-07 15:48:12 by V-Team

We had fixed facebook login on newgrounds,

In the next days I'll try to integrate newgrounds autologin to VV.

Thanks for the support!!!! <3 <3