Integrated Newgrounds Autologin in Vikings Village Party Hard

2017-04-07 18:52:40 by V-Team


We're so happy to be here on Newgrounds thanks for all the attention and support!

Back to the topic 

- Fixed integration with facebook in Vikings Village Newgrounds version

- Added integration with Newgrounds autologin API

Which means that your highscore will be SAVED if you are logged in in any way (ng or fb)



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2017-04-07 18:58:31

Your game rocks! I had a lot of fun!


2017-04-08 11:27:23

Awesome! Any interest in trying our API to also post the high scores to NG in addition to your list?

V-Team responds:

Hmm will think about it sounds cool,

Currently we're working our chickens off because we are refactoring the "game loop" into "npm gameframework" because it's more optimal,

Thats because all of y'all like the game so much and play it!

We have to keep up and scale up! :D

Thank you for the positive response!